Whether you’re a first-time festival goer or a seasoned pro, it never hurts to double check a festival checklist to make sure you are all packed and haven’t missed off one of those all-important items that you will be kicking yourself for when you arrive at the festival to have forgotten it.

So, wondering what to bring a festival? Here is our festival checklist:


  • Your Ticket – nothing will ruin your festival experience more than turning up without your ticket.
  • Tent – let’s face it, you won’t be lasting long at a festival without one.
  • Extra pegs – you don’t know you need them, until you need them.
  • Sleeping bag – for the cold nights, luckily all the festivals take place in the warmer side of the year so leave your arctic sleeping bag at home and opt for a 2 or 3 season one.
  • Rollmat or Airbed – It may not be the lap of luxury but you did choose to go camping, so the least you can do is make it as comfortable as possible.
  • Pillow – nothing says ‘I forgot my pillow’ faster than waking up with a superbly cricked neck.
  • Torch – Guide ropes, drunken people on the floor, muddy puddles…there is a long list of things you could trip over or step in when it’s dark.
  • Camping chair – when it comes to festivals, there are two things that bring the most relief; a hot shower and collapsing into a comfy chair.
  • Toothbrush – we’re not your mom, but you know she would tell you to pack one.
  • Deodorant – 3 days, maybe 5 days of no showers? You’re going to need this, badly.
  • Toilet paper – no festival checklist would be complete without this. Nothing is quite so sacred as the toilet paper, you forget it, you better source some fast.
  • Body wipes – from the day your festival begins, body wipes are your new shower.
  • Wallet – an obvious one, but you’ll be delighted to know people do still forget it.
  • ID – Looking to buy any alcohol while you’re there? Then make sure you bring your ID.
  • Condoms – if you’re planning on getting lucky then stay safe!
  • Tops – pack enough tops to cover each day you’re there and then some.
  • Trousers – jeans, chinos, parachute pants, take your pick. Just make sure you pack spares.
  • Towel – in the vain hope of finding a hot shower, or much, much more likely to dry off after a heavy shower.
  • Waterproof coat / poncho – want to stay dry and enjoy the festival without worrying about soaking your phone and other belongings in your pockets – grab a poncho.
  • Hoodie / Jumper – believe it or not, it can still get cold on summer nights especially after you have exhausted yourself bouncing around in the crowds.
  • A hat – always worthy of bringing along; sun hat, a cap, bowler hat, just helps to keep the sun off your head.
  • Underwear and socks – essentials for any regular person, again, pack spares.
  • Waterproof footwear – wellies or walking boots, it can be the driest festival of the year and we can get there will still be mud.
  • Sun cream – no one is immune to sunburn and after 12 hours in the blazing heat without sun lotion you will be very, very sorry.
  • Antihistamines – for all you hay fever and allergy sufferers, don’t mess up your festival by letting pollen attack you.
  • Charger – portable chargers are all the rage now, well worth taking if you like to post every minute of your festival experience.
  • Newspaper – catch up on the latest world affairs or more importantly stuff it in your shoes to dry them out.
  • Bin bags – you’d be surprised how much rubbish you can pile up over a couple of days in a field.
  • Ziplock bags – perfect for keeping your cherished possession dry when it is tipping it down.
  • An old phone – concerned for your brand new squeaky clean phone? Take a throw away one.
  • [Bonus] Festival spirit – forget about work, responsibilities and the laundry you forgot to iron before you left. Get stuck in, make friends, crowd surf and generally have a brilliant time.

As you tick the last item off our festival check list, make sure to look back with a sense of achievement as you feel the peace of mind that you are prepared to anything, fearless, proud and ready for the festival.

Share our festival checklist with your friends and family, see you at the festival!

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