Have you been camping for some time and always wondered about some of the terms used? Or total new to it and want to know what the camping terms is all about? Well worry no longer, we have compiled a list of all the top weird and wonderful camping terms used in camping pulled from numerous sources across the interwebs for your delight! So, without further a-do:

Guy rope; known in other areas as guy-wire or guy-line. Guy ropes are those lines you keep tripping over on your beloved tent in the dark. What you might not have known though is a ‘guy’ means any kind of tensioned cable designed to add stability to any kind of free standing structure. From your tent, to ‘guys’ that hold ship masts in place.

Deadman; a heavy object such as a large rock that is used to anchor a guy-rope if the ground is too soft for pegs, or possibly in festival terms someone who has drunkenly fallen on your guy ropes.

Blaze; A technical term used for trail markers or signs that show you the trail to follow. They come in many forms, from painted symbols on trees to plaques on posts. You might know them best as the signs around the festivals to get you back to your camp after a long day of dancing, moshing, drinking and fun.

Daypack; a term for the backpack you take out each day with all your crucial kit in, also applicable to festivals, just be prepared for the longer queues if you can’t fit everything you need in your pockets!

Fly-over; the tarp that is used in many tent styles that goes over the top of the tent itself keeping the interior of the tent dry and insulated, very regrettable to forget to put it on.

‘Fanny pack’ or ‘Bum bag’; A small zippered nylon pack that’s attached to a waist-belt, commonly associated with tourist, but with good reason; they are really quite useful.

Space Blanket; a Mylar-coated “blanket” used in survival kits. Space blankets are waterproof and made of a reflective material to keep your body heat in. You may see people wrapped in these when they drink way too much, forget where they pitched their tent and stumble around until they are picked up by the site staff…embarrassing or what?

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