camping essentials package

Camping Essentials Package

£16.00 £13.99

Camping Essentials Package

  • 1 x Rain poncho
  • 1 x Sunscreen
  • 1 x Head torch
  • 1 x Expandable water carrier


Whether it is pounding it down with rain or so hot that everyone is starting to look like lobsters, you won’t be caught out. Our camping essentials package has you covered!

Rain poncho, lightweight set of steel utensils including a knife / bottle opener, fork and spoon. Ideal for camping and require compact utensils but prefer the practicalities of traditional, sturdy cutlery sets.

Sunscreen, study frying pan suitable for use over BBQs, fires, camping stoves and more.

Head Torch, an enamel finished, lightweight camping mug perfect for a brew or soups.

Expandable Water Carrier, an enamel finished, lightweight camping plate.


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